You Need Expert, Affordable HR Advice

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Let me take HR off IT.

You’re the visionary, thought-leader, go-getter who’s building a business. The last thing you need is HR hassles. While you can get tons of information on HR (thanks, Google), there’s a big gap between knowledge and implementation.

The value of having an HR pro, who also is an employment attorney, is that you’ll not just be compliant with local, state, and federal employment laws, you’ll also mitigate your risks and attract the best people.

And it comes at a budget-friendly price.

Policies and Procedures

To build a successful business, you need fair, compliant polices that reflect best HR practices. While employee handbooks aren’t legally required in most jurisdictions, a handbook setting forth your company’s employment policies reassures employees they know the rules and provides managers a way to apply policies consistently.

In addition to a handbook, your business may need other policies that helps smooth operations. An operations manual to house policies outside of those related directly to employment can be helpful. These can include IT/cyber security, business expenses, and travel.

And as we all now know, sometimes you need policies to handle the unexpected — from beginning to end.

Hiring and Termination

Hiring is so much more than putting an ad on the internet. In fact, compliant practices start with job postings! Certain information needs to be included, other stuff can’t be (legally). Do you know which is which?

Once you make that hire, studies show a positive onboarding experience can make or break an employee’s longevity and engagement.

And when you need to make a change? Even in an at-will state you need a thoughtful approach to adverse actions. Do you know how to mitigate your risk of employment related claims? No worries. I do.


Employee and management training that goes beyond their job duties is a must these days. By offering robust training in anti-discrimination/harassment, diversity and inclusion, effective communications, and team building, to name a few, your business is grounded in best practices.

By offering training that expands employee knowledge and skills, you ensure a happier, more productive workforce. And, your business benefits from avoiding replacement costs when employees quit.

Managers and supervisors need specialized training, too. Employees leave companies not because they hated their jobs, but due to bad bosses. Often, a manager is thrust into a supervisory position without all the tools needed to succeed. I can help.

More Services

  • Leave Administration
  • Start-up Assistance
  • Investigations
  • Discipline/PIPs
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Employee Incentives/Retention Strategies
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Content Creation (websites, blogs, press releases, marketing materials)

Kim provides excellent service to our clients. Her work is on target with meeting our client’s needs, professionally delivered, and always meets or exceeds the client deadlines; all at a reasonable fee. I highly recommend her for any HR consulting needs.

Bill Shimp, ClearPath Benefits Advisors


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