The Dangers of Default HR

Does your company have HR by default?

Default HR is when a company just plucks someone from its workforce, often an admin or payroll person, and adds HR to their daily tasks.

Depending on the size of the company, that may work — for a while.

But consider that companies of four or more employees must comply with Ohio discrimination laws.

Does “default” HR even know that Ohio recently enacted the Employment Law Uniformity Act (EULA) and what it means?

Maybe…but likely not, and it’s not their fault.

Human resources functions at your company need professionals who understand your people needs, best practices, and compliance.

Depending on what’s convenient is risky. Just getting by in HR isn’t a strategic vision that will elevate your company to new heights.

Let me help. Schedule a free initial consultation about your HR needs.

Dump the default.

Published by Kim Freeman

As an attorney and HR pro for 20+ years, Kim Freeman is skilled in employment law, HR, compliance, risk management, and training. She's passionate about helping businesses develop and grow people-centric cultures. She balances business needs with HR policies, procedures, and practices to create a workplace where employees are engaged and productive. A happy workforce is essential to your ability to attract and retain the best talent.

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